Terms & Conditions

1. All cheques must be crossed and made payable to
JR Success Group Sdn Bhd
Bank: CIMB Bank
AC# 8001 3492 71
Swift Code: CIBBMYKL

2. An interest rate of 1.5% per month will be applied to all overdue account without prior notice.


3. Please e-mail us the bank-in-slip to info@teaffani.com for accounting purposes.

Confirmation & Payment Policy
– RM 1,000 to block the date (non-refundable).
– 30 days before event date – 50% deposit.
– Full Balance Payment 14 days before event date.


Cancellation Policy
Cancellation made within
– 30 days before event will incur a 30% fee
– 14 days before event will incur a 50% fee
– 7 days before event will incur a 100% fee
– Request to reduce headcount within 48 hours to the event will incur a 50% wastage fee based on the no. of pax reduced.
*For events more than 300 pax, we require to make purchases in advance.


Take Away Policy
For all the leftover food from events, unfortunately, we don’t allow it to take away due to food safety and to prevent food-borne illness incidents occur. According to food safety guidelines, any food that is left at room temperature for more than 2 – 4 hours it’s best to dispose of away.


General T&C
*Food must be consumed within 3 hours upon delivery to the event venue.
Teaffani Catering will not be held responsible and liable for the food quality or food contamination if consumption is after the stated time limit.
*Teaffani Catering will not be held responsible for the food quality nor food contamination if client insists to set up more than 2 hours earlier than the stated time of the event.
*Teaffani Catering reserves the right to replace food items with “Chef’s Choice” from the original request without prior notice due to any unseen circumstances, especially for orders that are confirmed with less than 7 working days from the event date.
*Duration for the services is for 3 hours only. Should you wish to extend please inform management in advance and additional charges apply.
*Teaffani Catering is not responsible to handle food & beverages that are not prepared from our kitchen. Kindly inform the management in advance if you need us to perform such duties. Subject to management approval and additional charges will apply.
*Teaffani Catering is not responsible for any damages/missing items/running flow for food/beverages that are not prepared from our kitchen.
* Client must be at the premise or assign a person in charge to confirm the set-up and to ensure requirements are met. No dispute will be entertained after the installation has been done & vendors have left the event venue.
*For venues that are not on the ground floor. Please ensure that there is an accessible service lift that is near the loading bay. Should there be no service lift, a handling fee of RM150 and up will be applied.
*Please ensure that a proper parking area and loading bay approval form (if necessary) are provided for Teaffani Catering to avoid any delays.
*Teaffani Catering will not be held liable for any delay in the service if no parking will be provided.
*Teaffani Catering is not responsible for any delay caused by changes on the service type, time and venue by clients within 48 hours.
*Teaffani Catering will not be held responsible for any delay if the address given is not showing in google maps.
* Teaffani Catering does not use the client’s items. Should you require us to perform such duties, we do not accept any liability for damage/missing to any items.
*Teaffani Catering will not be held responsible/liable for the food quality or food contamination if there are outside food and beverage produced by 3rd party.
*Payment should be made in person or collected by an authorized Teaffani catering employee only.
*Teaffani Catering reserves the right to reject/add additional charges for any order due to unforeseen circumstances.”


General T&C for Furniture Rental
a) For safety reasons the tents must be secured to the ground by using metal stakes/spike anchor bolts. Therefore, Client must obtain permission/clearance to do before the commencement of works.
b) Any damages or loss of the above and overleaf rented item will be barred by the renter. All the rented items just for ground floor function. Once confirmed all items and quantities are not refundable and exchangeable.
The prices above do NOT include the arrangement of tables and chairs.
c) We are not responsible for any ground or grass damage due to our standard works procedure.
d) Permit from any authority body for loading and unloading of equipment at the site including all charges shall be imposed by the authority.
e) Teaffani Catering only does standard furniture arrangement within 500 square feet. Kindly assign a person in charge from your side to ensure the correct furniture arrangement on the event day. Additional charges apply for Special furniture arrangement.
f) Handling fee is RM150. Additional charges may apply if set up is not on the Ground Floor and/or if set up location is more than 20 feet from the loading bay.
*Teaffani Catering will not entertain any dispute of furniture arrangement after the event.
NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.




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