We Are Halal Certified and Here are Our Services


Here at Teaffani, we want to make sure you’re getting the best we have to give at all times. Our team specialises in providing Banquet Catering Services – ranging from traditional Chinese banquets and upscale dome services – all the way to individual Western plated sit-down meals.


Looking for corporate assistance? Teaffani has extensive experience in restaurant management, and whether it’s managing your F&B team or serving as your in-house chefs – we make it our mission to ensure your kitchen runs like a well-oiled machine in order to provide the best experience to your customers.

Tray Services

Food is put on trays and passed by servers. Guests serve themselves, using cocktail napkins provided by the server. This is a typical style of service used for upscale receptions. This style of service is only appropriate for “finger food.”

buffet menu
Buffet Services

Foods are arranged on tables. Guests usually move along the buffet line and serve themselves. When their plates are filled, guests take them to a dining table to eat. Servers usually provide beverage service at table side.

Dome Services

Foods are pre-set in large dome set in the middle of the table. Guests will help themselves from the dome and servers will serve drinks only.

Action/Live Stations

Similar to a buffet. Chefs prepare and serve foods at the buffet (rather than in the kitchen). Foods that lend themselves well to action station service include wok stations, satay, roast lamb, pastas, grilled meats, omelets and flaming desserts  These stations are sometimes called “performance stations” or “exhibition cooking.”

Halal Chinese Banquet

Enjoy our Chinese banquet catering services at your preferred venue!

We cook on the spot and ensure great experiences for your Halal Chinese banquet events.

Western Plated Services

Also known as a seated dinner, a plated event is a more traditional and more formal option than a strolling reception. Every guest is seated, usually at an assigned table, and the meal is served by our wait staff.

Pre-Set Services

Food that is already on the dining tables when guests are seated. Since pre-set foods will be on the tables for a few minutes before they are consumed, you must pre-set only those that will retain sanitary and culinary qualities at room temperatures. Most common are bread and butter, but often the appetizer will be pre-set as well. For lunches with a limited time frame, occasionally salad and dessert will be pre-set. Photo below shown dessert Pre-Set on tiered Cake stands

Restaurant Operator

We manage and revamp your restaurant for the club house, corporate building and schools.

Let us help you to organize a extraordinary event!