Our Story & Core Values

Teaffani Catering is halal certified and known for providing elegantly presented catering service, also offering the customers with scrumptious food that are carefully crafted. We cater to both Corporate and Private clientele. Majority of our customers are from the corporate sector, ranging from micro to medium enterprises not to mention big corporations, that we have been servicing on a regular basis for a long time now. Our team are well trained in providing excellent customer service to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations at all times. This is one of Teaffani’s pride. On any occasion, we always strive to bring exceptional experiences to your doorstep.


Compliant and Disciplined

Having a detail-oriented team just simply shows that we care. We care about the simplest up to the most complicated details of every customer’s requirements to ensure that we provide them with the best services and that their expectations are met.



We keep our feet on the ground and treat other people with respect and courtesy. Regardless of what we have become and what we have achieved, it is always important to look back and pay it forward. We acknowledge mistakes and improve from there. We owe our success to each individual in our team and to our customers who stayed with us all these years.



Teaffani Catering always ensures that everyone in the organization understands the value of Integrity. This is wholeheartedly being practiced and embraced within and outside working hours. We believe that each Teaffanian portrays an example and a model of what Teaffani Catering is in the society and what we are as a family.


Be a Wow inside and out

We are committed to exceed customer’s expectations by consistently providing awesome customer service experience. This is as if we are going on a first date with them. Every event is one of a kind and we are vowed to always make each customer feel special in different ways. Teaffani Catering does not only satisfy customers… we WOW them!


Embrace Growth and Innovate

We believe that the necessities of people varies and changes from time to time and we are dedicated to address our customers’ needs. This involves taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones. We know that there is always something to enhance and we can always be better each and every day.


Share and Care

“Put yourself in other person’s shoes” is the first thing that we always have in mind when dealing or talking to customers, colleagues, and to all the people we meet everyday. We will treat others as how we want to be treated. We care for the environment we live in. Taking care of it is nothing less than taking care of one another.