A Little Help Is Better Than A Thousand Pities

A Little Help Is Better Than A Thousand Pities

Having a family is gift from god almighty, as no one will be complete without a family to always be there for you especially to share your ups and down moments. However, the children that we visited do not have that privilege to have a family to come back to, to have a family to cry on whenever life brings them down. That privilege has been revoked from them, it is not a pretty sight to endure especially for kids that age who have just started living and embarking on their life’s journey. Sometimes, it made us wonder can we be that strong to survive a life like them as we have been fully sheltered with cloths and warm of our family, food on our table, Which we forget those have not been cherished as so.

Teaffanian have organized our CSR event under the theme of career and education development as well as a food drive for RACTAR Orphanage USJ 1. In this event we shared them what is it like to follow this culinary journey with Chef Doul’s experience, to see their faces thrilled in Chef Doul’s experienced in the culinary arts environment. From their faces we can see their happiness just because someone is willing to share his experience and a bit of laughter.

Furthermore we have also organized a slot for grooming and interview etiquette in order to prepare the secondary school in the working environment. As it will ensure they are well prepared before heading to an interview for example what to wear, how to wow the interviewer, what are thing you should avoid and also the interviewer expectation that was presented by Aiman Hafiz J Human Resource and Training Department.

Moreover, we have also organized few games with the primary kids to let them have a little fun. Seeing them so happily playing participating with the games we organized not because they are waiting for the prizes but the love and care from a big sister to a small sister is what they enjoyed the most. Seeing those emotional struck so hard and we realized that we aren’t strong enough to have faced what they are facing. Although the little kids were happily playing and embracing the moment as much as possible because they know it is only for a short while and then back to square one.

However, in all of this I am proud to say that our Teaffanian are sticking to our core value which is culture number 4 “care” which means take care of one another. This doesn’t imply just for our Teaffanian family only but those in need as well. We are able to see for the time our Teaffanian spared to enjoy and organize the event shows we care. As the saying goes “a little help is better than a thousand pities” so share your blessing and make someone happy.

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